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sbd: day 7

9:48 am
Well, Not only did I have french toast yesterday, I also went out to dinner with my parents and I had a margarita, a dinner roll and french fries. At least I only had one roll and no croutons. I've gained about 1.3 pounds, according to my wiifit. Oh well. Back on the diet today. At least I got through all of my 1:30 intervals today. I think next run I'll do 1:45, 1:30, 1:45, 1:30,1:45 if I can. Those 30 seconds were hard won and I know increasing is going to be tough, so 15 seconds every other interval I hope will be manageable.

spaghetti squash is turning out to be my savior on this diet. Good, tasty, filling, and close enough to spaghetti I can fake myself out. Now if I could get to where I liked tomato sauce, it'd be great. I picked up some italian seasoning tonight and I'm planning to put it on my bowl of squash tonight, with some parmesan. Nom. Next Monday I can have bread again, whee! or let me rephrase that, "1 serving of healthy carbs".


SBD: day 6

Did ok at dinner, but cheated today for breakfast. My friend Suki and I were going to try out a dim sum restaurant but when we got there they were closed. We ended up stopping at a little restaurant called Sisters instead...and I had Challah french toast. So good. I will just have to be very very good the rest of today and maybe tack on an extra day of no carb-ing. Felt a little sleepy on the drive home; I had some peanuts but they didn't help much. May have been due to boredom.
Going out to eat with my parents tonight at a steakhouse, so the no carb thing should be pretty easy, I hope.


sbd: day 5

11:06 am
No loss yesterday...I think I had too many peanuts. *sigh* It's the only thing I could think of that qualified as "snack food". Tonight will be dinner at a friend's house - hopefully she'll have food I can eat. I'd love it if she had spaghetti squash.

3:23 pm
cheated already...i keep falling asleep mid-day. I don't feel hungry, it's just i get so tired all of a sudden. Blood sugar dip, maybe? I had a truffle.
had salad and cheese chips for lunch. thin layer of cheese works best but it burns quicker and it's harder to tell when it's done. Not bad with a little greek yogurt though.


SBD: day 4

7:24 am
Only lost .4 pounds this morning. :-/ It's good it's a loss, but still...Every day I lose less. I'm trying to figure out what it was. I had tea - unsweetened though; maybe too many nuts? or maybe I shouldn't have had both the flan and the fudgesicle? The flan's mostly egg though and I'm trying to eat them all before they go bad. I was pretty lethargic yesterday though....That's the one thing that frustrates me about this diet, I can't say "Oh it was because I did this that I didn't lose weight/as much weight yesterday." I'm not 100% sure how it works so I can't figure it out. Oh well, time to go run.

7:18 pm
Mom said when she went on the Adkins diet the weight loss tapered off too. So it may just be that I'm getting used to no carbs. Sucks though. Helped my mom clean the leaves off the patio cover - tired both of us out but it looks a lot better. Glad I still had some sunscreen from my run though, she burned pretty badly. I just got a little on my nose and the back of my neck. Hopefully that burned off some more weight. Fingers crossed.


SBD: Day 3

Only lost 0.7 pounds yesterday (I had lost 1.3 and .9 the other two mornings). I ran yesterday, which should have helped, I thought, but I did have one piece of candy and a fudgesicle. I didn't eat meat yesterday - I had veggies and cheese for breakfast, then I got a headache and went back to bed for about 2.5-3 hours, then I had nachos with coke zero. I wasn't really hungry so I snacked on nuts and had the fudgesicle as "dinner". I stayed up way late too.
I'll try to do better today and eat meat. I got up not long ago, nothing I can do about that. I couldn't get to sleep last night, I guess because of the nap I took. Tonight I'm going to start getting ready for bed earlier, maybe drink some chamomile.

10:23 pm
Another day down the drain. Really must do something about this propensity to fall asleep for 3 hours in the middle of the day. It's messing up my sleep schedule and I don't want to get used to a siesta. Didn't finish half what I meant to - I have a sewing project I absolutely want to have done by Friday, didn't go to KnitWitz because the sewing wasn't done, fell asleep on the couch and woke up not to be productive but just to finish "Little Women" which I downloaded Monday night. Argh. I always mean to do things but when I take a "break" it seems to turn into a "Quit". Most frustrating.
Anyway, have done ok on the diet, except for eating too many nuts. I think it's the saltiness that draws me to them. Ate meat at lunch and frankly I'm not that hungry now. If I get hungry later I may have some spaghetti squash and cheese.


SBD: day 2

10:23 am
Trying to figure out if I could make pancakes with some sort of egg and ground nut/seed mixture. This would undoubtedly be easier to test if I had a blender or a food processor.
In other news 5 1:30 intervals today, although I punked out on the last two - only 1:15 on those. Woke up an hour later than usual and the extra heat didn't help. Also there are more people out at 930ish than at 830ish, including a good looking guy in glasses walking his dog. :) Improved scenery was appreciated.

11:18 am
crudites for breakfast. well it could be worse, I suppose. At least the Alouette garlic & herb cheese spread tastes sort of like ranch.
On an unrelated note: I had a geekgasm a minute ago when I saw two of my favorite authors were twittering to each other. *squee*

5:56 pm
Still missing carbs, although I'm trying to find ways around them. Trying to focus on proteins - nuts are officially my new favorite snack - but I still feel like meat is an unnecessary pain in the neck. I don't want or need meat every day. I feel like if I am looking at this from a purely biological standpoint, humans would not have had meat every single day. Every couple of days, probably, but I'm willing to bet most days were nuts, roots, plants - which is more my preference anyway.
I know I am a nutritionist's worst nightmare by being very picky and lazy to boot, but I'm trying to work within the confines of this diet, and so far so good. I haven't had a bite of pasta, bread, rice, fruit or pastry since Sunday - which is terribly unusual for me (please don't ask me how bad I want a huge plate of pasta with a side of garlic bread right now. Also, I have discovered a latent craving for krispy kremes - no doubt because I have a coupon in my wallet for a free dozen. Too bad I can't use it one donut at a time).
However, I have had a little success in meals although I am not used to food prep taking this long.
First, cheese chips/taco shells + nacho fixin's (beans, lettuce, sour cream greek yogurt)
Cheese chips tasted really good - although it is important to keep 2 points in mind: let the cheese brown - all of it; make an even layer of cheese so it's not holey. Also important to note is to use paper plates topped with parchment paper...I tried this on both regular plates and on a triple thickness of parchment paper. The paper plate helps soak up the inevitable grease. That being said once you load them up, I didn't much miss the corn chips I would normally have. The greek yogurt substitution was a last-minute thing; I got some to try for later so when my sour cream was found to have started raising new life forms, I just used the greek yogurt. It tastes a lot like sour cream (so I probably wouldn't eat it alone) but hopefully the yogurt bacteria will keep me from the problems I have with milk-based products. On the whole very good.

I'm going to try my mom's classic baked ziti recipe with spaghetti squash either tonight or tomorrow. I had the squash with a little butter and parm cheese with oregano; the spice gave it more bite and it was rather good.


SBD: day 1

So, worst part of this diet for me is trying to find breakfast food. I don't really do the smoothie route - I like solid food for breakfast - and anyway there are no fruit on this part of the diet. I can have soymilk which is good but the omelet I had yesterday was rather bleh. I don't really like meat for breakfast and my opinion of eggs still hasn't been changed (I don't care for them). So breakfast was ants on a log and cheese.
Spaghetti squash is great if you doctor it up a bit.

The hardest part of this diet for me is that I don't like meat much. Given the option I will almost always go for starch or even veggie before meat. This diet is of course trying to push you to eat less carbohydrates and more veggies and meat. Veggies I can see, but meat...I'm seriously considering just going vegetarian. Easier except I don't know how to cook meat substitutes (like tofu) either. And before you ask, no, it's not an animal cruelty issue; it's simply that I don't care for the taste and texture of most meats. Fish, now, I might could do on occasion. I <3 sushi. I've gotten to where meat = chicken for me and I'm kind of bored with it.
Dinner will probably be half a chicken breast sauteed in mojo marinade with steamed veggies though. (I'd rather have black beans and rice, but I can't have rice -_-)

I'm still craving carbs. I can eat until I KNOW I'm full but I don't feel full. It's like my brain is going "Where are my freakin' carbs? Keep eating!" even when there's no room left.


Jun. 26th, 2011

omelet was meh. needed spices and more flavorful cheese (dad suggested sharp cheddar instead of the 4 cheese blend I used) >.< turned out ok-ish, I guess, since that's the first time I've ever made one. I need to turn the heat lower, it bubbled in spots.
Ate about half, though I picked out the chicken I put in there. It just didn't look appetizing and the olives, green pepper and mushrooms were much tastier. At least I'm not really hungry right now. Snack's going to be hummus + mushrooms, om nom nom.


SBD: day 0

Yay 1:30 intervals! and I made it through all of them! I haven't been able to jog that much ever! (so please excuse my overuse of exclamation points) Now for the next challenge: learning to make and eat an omelet.


SoBe diet: Day -1

So tomorrow I'm going to start Phase 1 of the So___ Be___ Diet. I am trying to be cautiously optimistic - y'all know I love love love my carbs, and for phase 1, you have to cut way back on them. So for the next 2 weeks (at least) I'll be eating veggies and protein - it's a lot like the Adkins diet but not so dead-set against carbs and it doesn't advocate eating a lot of fatty foods like butter or bacon. My last meal was a Homewrecker jr at Moe's...ugh, definitely feeling it atm.

I bought a couple of things at Publix - chicken breasts, more veggies, hummus and mushrooms (thanks Shayna!), and eggs. I'm not a big fan of eggs but I am going to try my level best to learn to like them. I'm going to try an omelet tomorrow - which should be interesting considering I've never made one before. Also no soy milk for phase 1 :( but I can have tea :) which is great because I have a LOT of tea. Like, it's getting old. Green teas, herbal teas, black teas - including more varieties of Earl Grey than any sane person should have. Only downside is no sugar (sugar substitutes like splenda are allowed - what's best? splenda, truvia?). I can drink herbal or green for a day or two - I've gotten to where I don't take sugar in those, and only 1 tsp in black tea.

Also, I intend to keep up with my new (slightly modified) running program. Basically running doing warmup-intervals-cooldown on one day, then wii-fit or weights the next. I want to try to find a belly dancing video - I think it'd do wonders for my core. I'd like to join a class but...no money coming in right now, so I need to do this cheaply. Might spring for a mirror to put in my living room though.

I'll try to post every day or two, because I think it'll be helpful for me to document what is and isn't working for me. Wish me luck!